Matte white masking tape

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15 mm wide single-packed japanese washi tape (masking tape, mt) in matte white. One roll has 10 meters of tape. The price is for one roll.

What is masking tape?
Masking tape (mt) is beautiful high quality japanese tape made from rice paper. Masking tape is slightly translucent especially from the white parts of the tape. The tape sticks well to different materials and is easy to remove without leaving any traces. The tape is acid free. Tears by hands. These qualities make MT an excellent choice for crafts, scrapbooking, packing, labeling, decorations, decor - only your imagination is the limit.

Please note! The matte white tape is not as transparent (as the other mt tapes on the white parts) but covers well. Can be used as such or applied under a patterned tape so that the patterns come out even on darker surfaces. You can also use it under the plastic deco tapes so they can be removed easier, as the masking tape can be removed without trace.

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