mt slim stripes - peppermint x grey masking tape

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Three narrow roll set of striped masking tapes (masking tape, washi tape, mt).
Tape 1: peppermint green and light grey
Tape 2: blue, yellow and red
Tape 3: light blue and pink

Each roll is 6mm wide and each roll has 10 meters of tape.

What is masking tape?
Masking tape (mt) is beautiful high quality japanese tape made from rice paper. Masking tape is slightly translucent especially from the white parts of the tape. The tape sticks well to different materials and is easy to remove without leaving any traces. The tape is acid free. Tears by hands. These qualities make MT an excellent choice for crafts, scrapbooking, packing, labeling, decorations, decor - only your imagination is the limit.

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