Himmeli (book in Finnish), written by Koski Eija

Himmeli (book in Finnish), written by Koski Eija

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HIMMELI-book is a Finnish book by Eija Koski. The book contains background knowledge of himmeli, the history of himmeli and patterns to make some himmeli yourself.

There are 24 georgeous himmelis featured in a fascinating surroundings and instructions to those 24 different himmeli (from easy ones to very challenging ones). Some of the patterns are illustrated (drawn pictures) but the basics of the assemble of the himmeli is written (in Finnish).

Also the measurements are in Finnish. Every himmeli needs different size straws (paperstraws can be used too - it's easy to assemble himmeli with paperstraws). The sizes are written like this

15 kpl x 20 cm..

--> 15 pcs 20 cm straws

15 kpl 20 sentin...

--> 15 pcs 20 cm straws

The book is a paperback and in Finnish with 123 pages.

There will come one 25 pcs pack of our paperstraws with the book!

Look link: The Original Finnish Christmas Ornament

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