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20 € gift card to Teippitarha!

The gift card is sent to an address you choose. It holds a code that can be used in out online store.

The gift card is valid for six (6) months. You can purchase several gift cards. Every gift card gets an individual code. Only one code can be used in one order.

You can purchase a gift card three ways:

a) I want the gift card to be sent to my home address

Add the gift card into the basket. It will be sent (along with the possible other products) to the address you provide.

b) I want the gift card to be sent to the receiver of the gift

Add the gift card to the basket. Fill your own information to the order AND: click "Delivery address - Enter a separate delivery address." and fill in the information.

If you wish, we can write a note to the card. In this case, please fill in this information to the additional information space:

To whom the card is for:

From whom the card is from:

Additional short text:

Please note! If you order more products in addition to the gift card, the whole order is sent to the to separate delivery address you have provided.

c) I only want the gift card (I haven't ordered anything else this time), I only need the code.

Add the gift card to the basket. Choose "pick up" as the delivery method (as we do not mail anything to you). ALSO: In the additional information space, please write "Gift card delivered to e-mail"

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