Wide Red flowers self-adhesive wallpaper

Wide Red flowers self-adhesive wallpaper

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30 cm wide patterned japanese Sincol x mt self-adhesive wallpaper. Flowers in hues of red. One roll has 15 meters of wallpaper.

What is self-adhesive wallpaper?
Sincol x mt self-adhesive wallpaper is manifactured in Japan and equals to the properties of mt masking tape. The wall paper is slightly translucent especially from its white parts. Sticks well to differet surfaces and is easy to remove without leaving any traces. The smoother the surface the easier it is to remove the wallpaper. Can be used again as long as the adhesive surface is clean. Tears by hands.

No more wallpaper paste - just roll the wallpaper and tape! The self-adhesive wallpaper suits well for decorating furniture!

See more info and ideas for usage at teippitapetti.fi.

The price is for one roll. Click the picture for a larger version.


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