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Tapegarden  (Teippitarha in Finnish)

Tapegarden is founded to serve you in any tape issues. We have one of the largest tape selection in Europe and many other items you love! It is easy to make an order and pay with credit card. We will ship your order within two work days.

If you have any questions, please mail us (info@teippitarha.fi) or use green chat box below of the page.

I hope you will enjoy to buy from us.Tapegardener himself

Best regards,
Antti Lampinen
Tapegardens head gardener


Contact information and Delivery

The products you have ordered will be deliveried to you by post or if you want you can also come to us to get your orders.

Our office is located behind ABC Pirkkala, Finland terminal of the street.

Office contact information.
Keisarinviitta 24 B 1
33960 Pirkkala
You can contact us by email info@teippitarha.fi or chat with us or make a call to our phone number: +358 452352722


BOXit & TAPEit

Teippitarha and Tapegarden is the marketing name of BOXit & TAPEit online store.

Owner: Antti Lampinen
Our business ID (VAT): FI24025173


Teippitarha's history

Teippitarha is a Finnish company founded in august 2011. The story of Teippitarha began of Janina's sadness of not founding any colorfull, patterned, lovely tapes. So we started the company of teippitarha. In our selection the main thing are tapes, although the selection has extended to other products too.

Teippitarhas owner (and CEO) is mr. Antti Lampinen. Teippitarha is located in Pirkkala, near Tampere. We have really familiarize the culture of Japan and therefore the high quality standards of Japan has come very familiar to us. Now Teippitarha can with joy offer real japanese Washitapes to Europe. If you want to ask something about teippitarha you can send mail to info@teippitarha.fi or make a call to our phone number: +358452352722.


All texts in Teippitarha sides are our own texts, like also the pictures, where are the teippitarha.fi text. If you want to publish our texts or pictures, could you make an suitable hint to our source material /teippitarha.fi). Thank you!

Address Teippitarha / BOXit & TAPEit

Keisarinviitta 24 B 1
33960 Pirkkala

Phone +358 (0)45 235 2722
Contact person Antti Lampinen
Email info@teippitarha.fi

VAT: FI24025173