Gift cards and workshops

Gift cards and workshops

Gift cards and workshops

A giftcard to Teippitarha! A nice giftidea.

Giftcard will be sended to the adresse you want (with your other orders) and it includes a couponcode which reclaims your giftcard in Teippitarha's online store.

The giftcard is in force for 6 months. You can buy several giftcards but pay attention that every giftcard will get it's own couponcode and by one order can only be used one giftcard.

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Gift card 20 €

Product no.: LK-20
20.00 *
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Gift card 30 €

Product no.: LK-30
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Gift card 50 €

Product no.: LK-50
50.00 *
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Postal Express Parcel International (EMS) outside Finland

Product no.: EMS-delivery

Postal Express Parcel International (EMS) delivery outside Finland. Additional service for Priority delivery only. Not available in Finland. Delivery times can be checked here.

7.00 *
In stock
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