How to make an order step-by-step

Simple step by step -instructions for making an order.

Buying happens nearly with this plan:

1. Add the products first to shopping basket by clicking the button "add to shopping basket" next to the product you want. You can add more than one the product you want by making the number next to the button so high as you want. If there is no add-button, product is sold out anc can't be ordered.

2. Click the text up on the left side next to shopping basket. There should read that there is products in the shopping basket.

3. Now you should be able to see your shopping basket's content. Now you can continue your buying by clicking the button "Continue to checkout". If you like to buy with Klarna then click "Klarna". Klarna can be used in Finland, Germany or Austria.

4. Now we ask your user information. You can buy without logging in or you can log in with your own account. Also you can make registration on same time.

5. Now you attach your billing adress or your delivery address. Click "next".

6. Choose the delivery and click "next".

7. With Checkout payment you can immediately pay with your own netbank. Tapegarden (=Teippitarha) doesn't see or manage anything that is related to your payment. The payment happens safe trough the Checkout Finland Oy. To the Teippitarha comes only the information that you have paid your shopping.

8. Now you can see all the information and prices of your payment. When you click "make an order" the order goes to Tapegarden and you go to the payment etc. You can send us message (questions and information) on the messagecourse which is under below.

If you have problems with making an order after this, contact us. We will help you with joy!

With friendly wishes,

Tapegardeners :-)